Comfort by Design

Learn how our designers used science, engineering and research to create a revolutionary new chair that moves more naturally with your body and your life while contributing to better wellness and comfort.

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We are a team of dreamers, doers and self-confessed design geeks. All noho furniture is designed by the team at our sister company, Formway, with whom we share a genuine desire to enrich the world in which we live, by creating exceptional furniture that’s good for us and our planet.

Formway combines creative thinking with diligent research, user empathy, design expertise, science-based insights and engineering innovation to redefine what’s possible in furniture form, function and comfort.

Different By Design

  1. Inspired By Real Life
  2. Informed By Human Physiology
  3. Created for a Healthy Earth

Our lives are busier than ever. We do more, wear more hats, and we need responsive, versatile furniture that can do the same while reducing the need for excess. noho furniture is designed to be comfortable, light and easy to move while providing flexible style options to fit any room or décor.

How your body moves matters to every aspect of our furniture design. Our designers combine a deep understanding of human physiology and movement with ergonomic design and engineering expertise to create furniture that supports you and your body in healthy new ways that feel good—and are good for you.

Our commitment to the earth is reflected in all aspects of our furniture design and manufacturing. It’s why we upcycle harmful ocean waste rather than chop down more trees and deplete our natural resources. And, it’s why we use sustainable materials and renewable energy to make and package every product.

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Our inspirational partner:

Formway, based in Wellington, New Zealand, is internationally renowned for groundbreaking designs of home and office furniture for leading global design brands such as Knoll and Natuzzi.

Creating furniture to enrich life requires a deep understanding of human behaviour, physiology and movement; extensive research; design innovation; and rigorous testing. This disciplined approach is the secret behind our design team’s success in redefining seating performance and creating beautiful furniture that’s good for us and our precious earth.

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